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Published Dec. 7, 2017, 4:23 p.m. by gunnerjnr | Post Views 799 | Tags: Gamers Hub, Welcome

Welcome to Gamers Hub, we are glad you decided to join us.

Gamers Hub is a social application for all your gaming needs. It will fill your brain so full of gaming knowledge that you will probably end up with synaptic leakage!

If you have not signed up yet, we highly recommend doing so, the reason for this is because there are some cool hidden parts of the site that you only get through being a signed up member. Don't worry though, I know what you're thinking..

"Oh great does that mean it's going to be a subscription based sign up"?

Well, the answer is actually no! It is completely FREE to sign up and become a member.

"So why do you hide some site features then if its free for everybody to sign up"?

The simple answer is basically to keep the spammers out! But I guess in some sense it's also more for the community, we don't want people who can't be bothered to sign up enjoying all the goodies of those can be bothered to make the effort, we have lots of exciting things in store for you as the site grows.

"What might those be"?

We will have a simple static home page, this will just basically welcome users to the site and explain a little bit about the site and why it's worth signing up! There will also be a simple about us page, this as the title may suggest will tell you more about us, (the site devs and staff). There will also be a blog, this will deliver you content and reviews on past, present and upcoming games. You will be able to join in with the community and comment on the posts voicing your own opinions and views. Just one rule, keep it clean.

At present we are undecided on forums for you guys ? Perhaps you can use the comment system below and let us know your views on this ?

Last but not least, we will also have a storefront, this will have items to buy such as custom controllers for your consoles, gaming keyboards and gaming mouse, desktop cases with custom designs, all the latest and greatest game releases, (some with applied discount), t-shirts, mugs, mouse mats, and many more items to build up that geek den full of gaming attire.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and we hope you will sign up and enjoy your stay for a very long.

Bye for now from the Gamers Hub Team!

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